Booster Club

– adapted from TMD handbook.  Booster club board to approve and remove this annotation –

The booster club is made up of divers and their families. We meet monthly for the parent meeting to discuss club business including fundraising and expenditures.

Introductory lesson divers are not required to join the booster club.  The booster club pays the pool fees associated with introductory lessons to promote and grow the sport.

Pre-Team divers must join the booster club at the pre-team level.  Dues are $30 per month to cover pool fees.  Volunteering is encouraged, but not required.

Team divers must be full members of the booster club.  Dues are $50 per month and largely cover pool fees only.  Volunteering commitments are required as described below.

The purpose of the San Diego State Divers booster club (aka North County Divers Booster Club) is to provide financial and personal support for athletes who train with SDSD and who compete under the auspices of USA Diving. This support includes paying the pool and other facilities fees, funding the purchase of practice equipment, certain aspects of equipment maintenance, and the hosting of various events. In addition to these major activities, the Booster Club arranges for team morale injections through the scheduling of various entertainment activities throughout the year.

The Booster Club welcomes anyone who wishes to support the sport of Springboard and Platform Diving in the San Diego area. General Booster Club members includes parents of competitive divers, guardians, or other relatives.

The Booster Club obtains its income from monthly dues, the hosting of competitions, fund raising, meet concession stands, sponsorships, and donations. ALL SDSD  CLUB PARENTS ARE EXPECTED AND REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER.

The Booster Club expenses include: pool and facilities fees, meet sanctioning fees; transportation, lodging and meals for coaches; USA Diving team registration; expenses occurred from hosted meets; and, as funds permit, equipment purchases and maintenance.

The Booster Club Board of Director shall consist of officers elected by a vote of the Booster Club parents (one vote per diver). Officals shall hold their office for a period of two years, with the elections to be held in December of every even numbered year. The voting positions on the board shall consist of:


The head coach may appoint a representative to attend the Board meetings in his place and cast his vote. This representative can not be a sitting member of the board.


Responsible for chairing all meetings of the Booster Club and the Booster Club Board. Responsible for distribution of all meet information. Signatory on club checking account.


Responsible for registration and orientation of new members. Signatory on club checking account.


Responsible for maintaining minutes of all club meetings.


Responsible for maintaining checking account and reporting all financial information to the board. Signatory on club checking account.


The booster club membership fees provide only a portion of the expenses necessary to operate the SDSD diving program. In order to provide a comprehensive, first-rate diving program with a well rounded complement of activities and opportunities for divers, we must raise additional revenue through fund raising activities and sponsors. Participaiton of divers and their parents in these fund raising activities is mandatory.

Volunteers are our most important resources. Volunteering is essential to the success of SDSD, its program, and events. All SDSD parents are expected and required to volunteer a specific number of hours to the club.

COMPETITIONS: In order to raise the necessary funds for the support of the program, the SDSD Booster Club assists in the hosting of annual diving competitions. These competitions are a major fund raiser for the club. In order to host these events, numerous volunteers are needed. These volunteer jobs include: Registration; Awards and Ceremonies; Scoring Tables; Snack Bar and Hospitality; Set-up and Clean-up; Media and Public Relations. Specific committee responsibilities are prepared and disseminated prior to each meet by the coaching staff, the Meet Director, and the Booster Club Board.

FUND RAISING: The second undertaking of the Booster Club is the participation of all members in various fund raising projects as slated throughout the year. There are many possible fund raising projects for which chairmen are always needed.


In order to keep the team financially sound, meet our financial commitments, continue to purchase the necessary training equipment, and meet coaching expenses at meets (i.e. travel, lodging,etc.), the following policy is necessary and will be enforced.  All SDSD parents are required to participate in the following number of service hours:

60 hours per calendar year, or 6 shifts at Qualcomm Stadium events, or a fund raising effort equivalent to $600 per family per year ($300 per semi-annual period).

The semi-annual period is defined as January 1 to June 30 or July 1 to December 31 of any calendar year.

The volunteer hours may be met by participation in the SDSD hosted diving meets or participation in concession sales at Qualcomm Stadium events.  Most stadium events worked by SDSD occur between July 1 to December 31.  A family can meet its fundraising commitment for the year if both parents and the diver work 2 stadium events.

A parent can generate funds by participating in work related fund raisers or in various selling projects that the team may authorize. The diver will be credited with the profit margin generated by such fundraisers.

If a family elects not to participate in such functions, they must buy-out their fundraising commitment by paying the boosters the difference between the actual fundraising contributed and the fundraising commitment no later than the last day of the semi-annual period.